The Benefits of Having Big Red Button on your phone.


1. A new and unique service for Mums, Dads and the family:

Big Red Button is the only 24/7 personal safety app that quickly connects you to a real person with the training and experience to support you through every moment of an emergency. Big Red button is someone extra that you can always reach out to, somebody who is ready and able to provide effective support so you never have to go through a scary situation on your own again.

While a call to parent or a friend might be your first reaction in an emergency, what if they don’t answer when you need them most? Big Red Button will always answer. It is the one and only call you need to make to immediately get all the help you need.

In an uncomfortable situation we might delay making a call even if we are genuinely concerned about what's happening. We might be reluctant to call and worry family or friends in case “it turns out to be nothing!”  Big Red Button doesn’t mind when and why you decide you need help. You can have us on the phone with you supporting and listening, while you are getting away from the problem.

Teenagers too might delay calling Mum or Dad in case they “get grounded”. Big Red Button is an approachable and sympathetic go-between they can trust with their call knowing we can quickly reach out to family if something is really wrong. In any situation involving a child under 14 Big Red Button will always contact a parent or a trustworthy adult.

If it is a serious situation we can quickly conference in 999.  In fact, if the only thing you or your child do was press Big Red Button without speaking, we still know who you are, where you are and who your emergency contacts are. 999 doesn’t have this information and it’s not their responsibility to add parents into your call but Big Red Button can! Now you no longer have to hang up before or after 999 to make additional calls to Mum, Dad or a friend. One call and Big Red Button does it all for you!

As one reviewer said… “999 conversations can end before the emergency services get to you (this has happened to me when waiting for an ambulance when I had a heart attack scare. My wife had to call them back to see what was taking so long – not what you need in a situation, trust me) whereas Big Red Button will not hang up until you are 100% safe.”


2. Your personal support service, set it up and use it the way you want.

Big Red Button allows you to choose who you want to add as your emergency contacts on your profile. Instead of having to think about who to contact, what to do next if they don’t answer and what they can actually do to help, just press the Big Red Button and avoid all those worries.  You know we will quickly and reliably coordinate the help you need and conference in the contact you want when you need them.

We have discovered that Big Red Button users like not having to involve friends and family initially because they feel that they can probably handle the situation. But they really like having us on the line while they do that. We are their personal backup they can independently rely on every time.

More interesting is that 70% of our users don’t expect to involve 999 but they like having that option of knowing we can quickly make it happen. You recognise the situation could get serious so use Big Red Button to have someone on the line with you and then, if your intuition is correct, we immediately escalate to 999. It saves time and gets you the support you need as quickly as possible. Big Red Button allows you to be prepared.

So customise your contacts the way you want them… those you want for work, for home or for socialising. Big Red Button will conference them in to your call when it’s appropriate and necessary.


3. It isn’t always about the emergency, sometimes stuff just happens!

It doesn’t have to be the full-blown emergency to have us worried and in need of support. We all know that in life situations arise when we just don’t like what’s happening around us. We need to get away and we wish we had someone with us for support… just in case!

And we already use our phones to help keep each other safe. “Text me when…” or “make sure you call me when you leave…” are part of what we do as parents, friends or colleagues, Big Red Button just helps us do it better!

We all have stories and experiences, we set up Big Red Button after our son was attacked, but here are some things we have learned about people’s safety concerns:

  • 51% of the women surveyed have been harassed on the street.
  • 23% of women reported being purposefully touched or brushed up against in an unwanted sexual way.
  • 20% of women in the same study have stated that they have been followed home.
  • 40% of women we surveyed on Mumsnet have had a least one personal safety event in the previous year.
  • 1 in 4 people say their employers don’t do enough to ensure their safety when they are working away from the office.

Personal safety is not just a worry for women and parents, 1 in 3 teenagers feel unsafe walking to and from their school.  In 2016 a report showed that teenagers think that schools do not recognise the growing pressures they are under dealing with everyday sexual harassment. I in 8 had been sexually assaulted at some point during their school going years. And it’s equally difficult for students at university.

Now, as a parent, you can be reassured that you teenager will have the support of our professional people to help them if they find themselves in a risky situation. As we mentioned Big Red Button was set up after our own son was attacked so we are only too aware of the issues. It was designed from personal experience so that everyone can now carry an extra safety net with them at all times.


4. Who you are, where you are and who needs to know can be really important information.

It’s natural for people, and kids in particular, to be extremely upset and stressed when they are frightened or worried. Big Red Button can locate your position once you press the button. In an actual emergency, with 999 involved, we can help confirm the caller’s name, age and location. This can be critical information for 999 to get you the help you need, when and where you need it. Big Red Button means you and your child don’t have to worry about trying to figure out where you are. Just focus on explaining your situation and allow our trained team get you the response you need to stay safe.

Our contacts and community of friends is also important in an emergency.

For example, The National Rural Crime Survey reported that there is concern among rural communities of the police’s ability to respond to local crime. Big Red Button allows users and groups to create their own customised community support network that we can quickly mobilise on your behalf.

So, at one level, it might be Big Red Button getting hold of Mum or Dad for a child. Supporting a teacher or team manager who are bringing a group on a trip.   It could also mean Big Red Button reaching out to a community of contacts to rally support for someone in trouble.

Use Big Red Button your way, for better personal safety.