BigRedButton wants to provide everyone with the reassuring option of immediate access to personal safety support on their phone whenever and for whatever reason they decide their personal safety may be at risk.

We are supporting you with a team who are NSI Gold Approved and have over 20 years’ experience providing immediate reassurance and emergency response.


The idea for BigRedButton came after an event involving one of the founder’s children. Trying to find something that would have provided the personal safety support his son needed at the time he discovered there was nothing available.

So he set about developing the solution that is BigRedButton. The more people he spoke to about the idea the more obvious it became that personal safety was a serious concern for parents and for many other people too. BigRedButton would help solve a real issue.

BigRedButton was set up to provide 24/7 personal safety support service on your phone. With one press of the button you have immediate access to effective, reliable and affordable personal safety support whenever you need it.

Reflecting the value and potential in the idea BigRedButton was selected as an Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start Up and is also a Vodafone startup award winner.

5 Benefits of a Big Red Button Subscription

Big Red Button is the only 24/7 personal safety app that quickly connects you to a real person with the training and experience to support you through every moment of an emergency. Big Red button is someone extra that you can always reach out to, somebody who is ready and able to provide effective support so you never have to go through a scary situation on your own again.

While a call to parent or a friend might be your first reaction in an emergency, what if they don’t answer when you need them most? Big Red Button will always answer. It is the one and only call you need to make to immediately get all the help you need.

In an uncomfortable situation we might delay making a call even if we are genuinely concerned about what's happening. We might be reluctant to call and worry family or friends in case “it turns out to be nothing!”  Big Red Button doesn’t mind when and why you decide you need help. You can have us on the phone with you supporting and listening, while you are getting away from the problem.

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You’ll never walk alone!

An emergency call from his son led Paul Price to develop BigRedButton a personal safety app for smartphones which has just gone live. BigRedButton has been developed to provide personal assistance and support to people when they are concerned for their safety or are in a vulnerable or threatening situation.  They may not want to worry loved ones or it may not be appropriate to call the emergency services so BigRedButton gives them another option to get the support they need, while they manage their way out of the situation.

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Could I not do it all myself? I could make the calls.

Yes you could call a friend when you are in trouble.

But what if they don’t answer or miss your call just when you need them most. What if you missed a call from your child? Who would you or they call next?

Your friend may answer your call but not be in a position to help. And in an emergency would you have time or be able to make lots of calls until you got a response from someone who could do something to help.

What if you are not in trouble but are concerned you might be. Will you delay calling someone in case you worry them for no reason?

You can call BigRedButton for any reason at any time.

I could call 999 too.

Yes call 999 if you have an emergency.

But what if you are talking to your friend and it becomes an emergency. You would have to hang up from your friend or Mum and make that call. Your friend or Mum is now worried and they don’t know what is happening. Then you have to ring them again.

BigRedButton does all that for you. Make one call to us and we get the people you need on the line. No need to hang up and make lots of calls and you are never without someone on the line.

I know where I am or I could use my maps.

But maybe you just aren’t exactly sure and do you have time or do you want to wait to find your position on a map before placing a call for help. BigRedButton does not track you but once you press the button it gets your location and sends it to the Team. That means the Team can help you or others or 999 if you are not sure of your location.

I can probably manage.

Yes but do you want to have to handle the situation on your own? You may not want to call a friend in case you worry them and it is not appropriate to call 999.

With BigRedButton you have the option of either having the Button open and ready to press if you discover you are in trouble or making a call to the Team and having the reassurance of someone on the line to talk with while you get yourself to safety but knowing they are listening and ready to help.