This Privacy Policy applies to all subscribers to and users of the BigRedButton App and Service and is incorporated into, and forms part of, the Terms and Conditions.

The Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 (the “DPA”) set out rights and obligations regarding ‘personal data’. Tapp Apps Limited, trading as “BigRedButton” (referred to in this policy as “BigRedButton”, “we” or “us”) takes its obligations under the DPA very seriously. This policy describes the uses and disclosures which we may make of the personal data which you provide to us, or which we collect in connection with the provision of the BigRedButton service.
We may collect your personal data in a number of different ways. For example, we may collect personal data provided by you when you register for the BigRedButton Service, including but not limited to your name, email address, and credit card details. We may also collect data through your use of the BigRedButton Service and from calls or emails between us, and from your mobile phone when the BigRedButton App is activated. We will also receive location data, typically but not limited to GPS coordinates, your caller ID, and the unique device identifier and identity of your phone when you activate the App to make a call to BigRedButton. We will also record all telephone calls with you and with your emergency contacts and any other third parties in connection with the BigRedButton service.
You may also provide us with personal data relating to your emergency contacts such as their names and telephone numbers, and details of their relationship with you, such as whether they are your father, mother, partner etc. You confirm that you have obtained the consent of your emergency contacts to the provision of their personal data to BigRedButton. You also confirm that they have consented to BigRedButton contacting them by SMS in order to confirm their nomination and registration as your emergency contacts, and to the recording of any calls between them and BigRedButton.
We may use any personal data we collect in relation to you in order to provide you with the BigRedButton Service, including without limitation for the purposes of managing your account, of determining your geographical location in order to assist you where required or appropriate, of liaising with emergency service providers or other third parties on your behalf, and for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We may also from time to time use personal data for the purposes of analytics and market research, in order to improve our service to you.
We may also use your personal data in order to send you, via email or SMS, alerts in relation to the BigRedButton service. Depending on the preferences you express when registering for the Service, we may also send you customer satisfaction or marketing surveys in relation to the BigRedButton service, in order to ascertain how we may improve our service to you, or information in relation to other BigRedButton products or services which we feel may be of interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive such communications, you can opt out at any time by emailing unsubscribe@bigredbutton.com or by texting “STOP” to the number specified in any SMS message we send you.
We may disclose personal data relating to you to our agents, service providers and professional advisers and/or to such other third parties as may reasonably be required in connection with the purposes referred to in this Policy or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law. We may also, for the purposes of providing the BigRedButton service to you, provide your personal data to 999/112 operators, to your emergency contacts or any other third party you authorise us to call. If you are under 14 years of age your parents may be entitled to request and receive details of telephone calls you make to BigRedButton. If you are between 14 and 18 years of age, BigRedButton reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to provide your parents with details of your telephone calls to the Service, in circumstances where we reasonably believe this to be necessary to prevent injury or harm to you.
We will only retain your personal data for as long as we require it for the purposes of providing the BigRedButton service to you, unless required by applicable law or regulation to retain it for longer.
If you cancel the BigRedButton Service, by sending an email to customer.support@bigredbutton.com advising you are unsubscribing from the Service and deleting the App from your mobile device, we will delete any personal data we hold in relation to you within 3 months following the date of receipt of your email and will no longer collect location data from your mobile device.
If you do not renew your subscription to the BigRedButton Service or we terminate your subscription to the BigRedButton Service, we will delete any personal data we hold in relation to you within 3 months following the date on which you were due to renew or if your subscription is terminated for any reason, within 3 months following the date of termination.
You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal data which we hold about you. We may charge a fee of up to €10 to provide this to you. You also have the right to have such data corrected where it is inaccurate or misleading. If you wish to avail of this right, please submit a written request to customer.support@bigredbutton.com. In order to protect your privacy, you may also be asked to provide suitable proof of identification when making such a request.
We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect new services or changes to our business and will include the date of the last revision. We advise you to check for changes to this Privacy Policy periodically. You can access the current privacy policy at www.bigredbutton.com/privacy-ie/
How to contact us:
If your personal information or your preferences change or if you have queries about how we use your personal data please let us know by contacting us at the following email address support@bigredbutton.com